Join Nu-Covenant and become a member of our Body Politic
for the restoration, development, and SOCIO-POLITICAL protection our community.

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 MEMBERS of our community are given job opportunities on a first come first serve basis. You have to be a S.A.R.S member to be employed by us.

MEMBERS of our community are entitled to a free Lesson every month.
(These do not include the Separate Courses offered on the site for purchase) 
Lessons can range from real estate, holistic health, family living (counseling, crocheting and sewing, cooking, etc), the stock market,
GET REAL-TIME Stock notifications
and REAL ESTATE Notifications and much more. 
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MEMBERS of our community will receive monthly newsletters consisting of information, that will further advance their understanding in Health, Economics, and POLITICS.

Members of our community are commissioned, per their jurisdiction, to contribute to our Vegan Revolution drives. These drives provide the homeless high quality Vegan foods, clothing, and toiletries.

MEMBERS of our community, depending on jurisdiction or your ability to travel, will be provided security training and/or licensing. This is also for their own opportunities to be employed and to be able to have the discipline to properly protect their family.


Members of our community are commissioned to fully execute their Crown Doctrine, in order that we, as a collective, Establish ourselves as both an effective BODY POLITIC and as INDIVIDUALS acting in our majority.