Join Nu-Covenant and become a member of our Body Politic for the restoration, development, and SOCIO-POLITICAL protection our community.

Mission Statement

Nu-Covenant S.A.R.S

is a Private entity established as a first amendment Humanitarian forum. We have employed a structured and positive economic growth model for the benefit of our membership.
The impetus to accomplish the same has its inception in adherence to oneness, goodness, humility, and respect for all mankind.

In accordance with the salient and fixed observation, of nature’s subtle definition of itself, known and acceptable to all living beings, amongst a gathering of advocates with similar interests, who will form the core of our membership cadre.

Our highest incentive is to re-establish economic sovereignty; back into the lives of the people that need it most. We are our greatest resource therefore Nu-Covenant has given rise to S.A.R.S Self Administering Reparations.
Join Nu-Covenant and become a member of our Body Politic for the restoration, development, and SOCIO-POLITICAL protection of the members that make up our community.

S.A.R.S Membership Amenities

 MEMBERS of our community are given job opportunities on a first come first serve basis. You have to be a S.A.R.S member to be employed by us.

MEMBERS of our community are entitled to free classes every month. Classes can range from real estate, holistic health, family living (counseling, crocheting and sewing, cooking, etc), the stock market, and much more.

MEMBERS of our community will receive monthly newsletters consisting of information, that will further advance their understanding in Health, Economics, and POLITICS.

Members of our community are commissioned, per their jurisdiction, to contribute to our Vegan Revolution drives. These drives provide the homeless high quality Vegan foods, clothing, and toiletries.

MEMBERS of our community, depending on jurisdiction or your ability to travel, will be provided security training and/or licensing. This is also for their own opportunities to be employed and to be able to have the discipline to properly protect their family.


Members of our community are commissioned to fully execute their Crown Doctrine,in order that we, as a collective, Establish ourselves as both an effective BODY POLITIC and as INDIVIDUALS acting in our majority.

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Ø  Upon purchase, you will receive a welcome email.

Ø  You will be required to fill out the application, as found on the same page where you brought the subscription.  

Ø  You will be notified by email, several days prior to renewal.

Ø  Your payment card will be billed on recurrent subscription fee of $19.99 per month or $200 per annual, depending on which membership opportunity you chose. For example: if you subscribe today June 1, 2020 you will be charged on July 1, 2020 and the subscription will auto renew on the first of every month.

Ø  You will receive all billing and account notices via email.



Ø  Cancel your subscription online ANYTIME by emailing:

Ø  Once canceled, subscription terminates at the end of the active auto-renewal period.

Ø  Cancelling a subscription, does NOT result in a refund or entitle you to refund. We do not fulfill refunds for subscriptions.

Ø  It is your responsibility to manage your subscription.

Ø  Non-used does not automatically cancel a subscription or entitle you to refund.

Ø  You will receive an email confirmation, after you complete the cancellation process. 

** Please Be sure to purchase your Membership before filling out your S.A.R.S assessment and purchasing your S.A.R.S membership ID Card** 

  S.A.R.S assessment

As a member of S.A.R.S, we already recognize you as an incredible resource unto our community. You will be commissioned to serve your Nu-Covenant community based on your aptitude, in order that we may properly place you in a Cadre, specific to your present yet growing disposition. Please fill out the following form with the understanding that, "The time is Now.” Your data will not be shared with any entities outside the confines of this community. Do not be offended by any of the questions. We are a growing BODY POLITIC therefore, we need to have a high estimation of how to make our relationship with you mutually beneficial. Please provide an accurate account per the following data.


What are your Skill sets and Talents


BrotherPOLIGHT shares information, educational tools, and resources to empower you to head in the right direction, to seek professional help and/or services. BrotherPOLIGHT will not give you financial advice. He will not make prescriptions, treat, medicate or attempt to cure you in any way. He will share resourceful data to help you make a more informed decision, in terms of your present disposition. BrotherPOLIGHT asks that after consulting, you seek the necessary services from professionals in the field corresponding with the same. 

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