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GIC 2 The Gold is in You 2.png

If there's a crisis in your life that means 

The GOLD is in You

Whatever the crisis? 
Financial, Health, or 

"The Gold can always be found in YOU"


Gold in the Crisis 2: 

The Gold is in You

Part 1: Transformative Alchemy 

  • From Flesh to Gold in the body (1-2) hr class. 

New Course Objective:

  • Completely optimize the mindset and lifestyle of over 1000+ Students like never before in the midst of a financial reset and socio-economical collapse.
    Through a calculative and strategic process that will not only correct past mistakes but ensure longevity for the path of each students future success.

  • This will be a process and a journey to restoration and then optimization 

  • Staying the same is not an OPTION with this course.

    *you will need to take YOUR own notes.
    Study and APPLY what you have LEARNED.

  • All the Live Classes will be recorded and then the replays for each course will be made available to all active
    (GIC2 memberships Only).

    This will be an automatic process; there will be nothing to download nor will there be a password to input, 

**If your membership isn't active then you will not have access.**


Bonus Materials: 

  • Learn the ancient formulas and procedures for destroying fat and optimizing your body.

New Class Format:

  • Accessible by Active membership only 

  • Two membership levels ONLY Monthly and yearly

  • Access to courses and consultations being automatically generated so long as the membership is active. 

  • You will only be able to Purchase a MEMBERSHIP ONCE!! 
    *we will be working directly with many students so if your monthly
    membership gets declined you won't be able to purchase again.

  • Without making a inquiry

  •  Any scheduled consultations will be canceled and another will take your spot.

  • Classes will be dealing with the Mental, Spiritual and Physical Health and intracellular poisons that plague the body, and the life of everyday students

  • Course request section: There will be a section for course topics once per quarter. a breakout course may be chosen from this section of the topic with the most unique likes. 

Accountability Sessions:

  • Scheduled monthly/quarterly with advisors (Mandatory)

  • Monitored Community Chat Rooms:
    (Moderators will be chosen from within the groups at appointed time)

  • Community Voting for implementation of future endeavors
    *must have active membership for eligibility to cast vote

  • Business setup/calls and accountability checkins
    (these will not be unfocused conversations



Advisor Opportunity: 

Upon satisfactory completion of the new course  

Requirements and Prerequisite:

  • You will be required to schedule evaluation consultations once per quarter (every 3 months) *Free with memberships

  • You will be required to commit to getting to the best health status as possible.

  • Must agree that you are willingly and of sound mind and choosing to participate/purchase from this website.


  • MUST BE DISCIPLINED with Finances, and physical body intake.
    The course and accountability session will be go synonymous with one another.


      The old Format:

  • The old format will be compiled compressed and done away with soon.


  • All former classes will be no longer be available on this website
    in video format.

  • They will only be available in PDF format. you may purchase the PDF's of all the classes for a ONE time PRICE
    "for a limited time"

  • Then all will be removed

  • If you have already purchased the course you will need to download all the pdfs from within the course.


  • All "Current Memberships will be canceled"
    by the end of "JULY" 
    For all that do not wish to be grandfathered into the new course.

  • The new class format will consist of live classes and not pre-recorded classes UNTIL the entire course has ended.

  • To view a previous class you will need to have an active membership or purchase the specific class individually.


  • The PDF versions of each of the old classes will be made available to all. 


If you would like to be grandfathered into the course simply send a message in the chat box saying


and at the appointed time you will be given access.  

Otherwise do nothing and your current membership will be canceled.