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Holistic Mathematics Course
Wealth is health

1. Learn how to cook to heal, using: Herbs, spices, grains, and plants in combination, to address countering disease.
2. Learn how to make your own healing tonics, to avoid spending lots of money on products that may not even work.
3. Master the art of Juicing and boiling herbs in combination, to make teas for the restoration of our health.

 you can expect new courses to be uploaded

 plus all the previous courses. 

This course will be made available 
Saturday January 22nd, 2022

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9 steams of income flyer white.jpg
9 Stream Income Course copy.jpg

Everyone should have

9 Streams of Income

This course will provide the formula to make an additional $200,000 plus a year. 

Ethereum Smart Contracts, 

Crypto Real Estate, 

Video games

(That you don't have to played)

Real estate on assignment,

Equity Crowd Funding,

and much more.

This course will Launch

Saturday January 15th, 2022

Contract Killer Course_edited.jpg

BP Contract Killers


This course Covers in-depth 
Puts and Calls,
Butterfly & Iron Butterfly Options Vertical Options Straddle Options Strangle Options Research, Strategy, Execution, Long and Short Your all access password is attached to your receipt via the download link at the bottom. 

This course will be available 

Saturday January 30th, 2022

with NEW installments

Day Trading Course 1.png

The Day Trading


This course will be available 

Saturday January 30th, 2022

NEW installments

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UCC & Real Estate


Often times, we are identified as “Black” and/or  “Spanish” people. We are rendered the lowly status quo as minorities.
To be a minority, according to Black's Law dictionary, is to be an adult that thinks in an Adolescent state of mind.
As members of Nu-Covenant S.A.R.S body POLITIC, it is incumbent that we act in our MAJORITY.
It is time for true freedom.
That is to say, we must re-establish our ECONOMIC SOVEREIGNTY.


July 4th will mark the day we initiate our True Independence.
We learn how to trade stocks to build the capital and then we allocate some of our earnings into REAL ESTATE.
The write company structures will be erected and our ability to contract, negotiate, and protect our security interests via UCC, will now be maintained without the aid of predatory lenders and others that do not have our best interests at hand.

This course will be available 

Saturday January 30th, 2022

with NEW installments